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Topics: The Tonight Show, Land of Israel Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: January 21, 2013
1. The requirements for a chemistry degree are not as strict as a medical degree. 2. Either you can join the army or the navy.
3. The reorganization of the company is neither simple nor it will be cheap.   4. When I was in high school, I learned piano and how to play the guitar. 5. Fred supports the idea because, first, its simplicity; second, it is unique. 6. They are either our friends or they are not.

7. We were dirty, hungry, and without a penny.
8. My roommate liked to repair things around the house and his own cooking. 9. During the day, we went on long hikes, rowed around the lake, or just leisure time. 10. She returned to pay the rent and because she had left some of her things. 11. Two things that I found hard to learn as a freshman were to get enough sleep and trimming expenses. 12. He asked me about my courses and where I was planning to be next year. 13. The doctor said that I should rest and not to get excited or upset. 14. Hitler’s followers considered other nations to be racially inferior and were fit only for slave labor. 15. The best way to combat juvenile delinquency is not to set up more social agencies but by restoring old-fashioned discipline in the home. 16. The book told how to build a gun cabinet, how to build a bookcase, and all types of furniture that you can make. 17. When I was a member of the basketball team, everyone met me with a happy smile, made lively conversation, and I was invited to many parties. 18. Fires, caused by unheeding persons, have destroyed valuable forests and thereby decreasing our lumber resources. 19. In basketball, there is never a dull moment, any team can win, and a fine display of teamwork. 20. My parents liked peace and quiet and to relax in the evening at home. 21. Esther is a helpful person and who makes friends easily. 22. Yosemite is a park with spectacular scenery and which...
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