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The Olympics
The Olympic games are among the worlds major events in which athletes from all over the world take part in different competitions which they train for night and ad to win a gold medal or even a place in the competition. The games are divided into two; the summer and winter Olympics where the host cities manage both of the Olympics and Paralympics games. The games are held every four years in different cites chosen by the International Olympic committee. These games have a history dating as far back as the 8th century where they were held in Olympia, Greece. Where the original name for the Olympics came from. The Olympics have been very instrumental in the nurturing cooperation and understanding of people’s way of life in various nations and cites. It is an event where the best of the best in sports come to prove their skills while the audience cheer them on bringing a spirit of unison, love and peace. On the other hand it improves the economic situation of the host city where residents reap the short and long term effects after the event.

The last summer Olympics games took place in London city in the united kingdom. London got the bid to host the games that took place between 27th of July till the 12th of august 2012 after beating the rival cities Moscow, New York, Paris and Madrid in a host contested voting on the 6th of July 2005 in Singapore during the International Olympic Committee 117th session. The uk enjoys and indeed has one of the best world’s arts, commence, healthcare, entertainment, media, tourism, professional services, transport and fashion making it one of the earths leading cities. Volunteers took part in the Olympics 2012 keeping things run smoothly for transport and getting to the venues in a professional order. A £894 million pounds was spent on construction of roads etc for the London 2012 games. Also a massive financial price of £1.1 billion on venues for the games.

The estimated spending in the London 2012 games was...
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