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Topics: Cold War, Emotion, World War II Pages: 4 (1139 words) Published: July 28, 2012
In After the Bomb, composers not only critique personal and political values but also manipulate textual forms and features in response to their times. Evaluate this statement with reference to a prescribed text OTHER texts for your own choosing (Hiroshima, Lasch)

The cold war brought with it a darkened fog over almost the entire human race. Physical, psychological and emotional walls developed instantaneously. The world’s cultural, social and political paradigms seemed to shift in both negative and positive directions. This exponential amount of change sent shock waves through all forms of emotional and creative outlets. Composers of texts were harshly affected. Their entire outlook on our society and world developed harsh critiques on what we had become, and with these critiques came new, shocking and experimental ways of developing and showing them.

From the precise moment that constitutes ‘After the Bomb’ we see an instant shift in thinking, writing and viewing our world. Hiroshima by John Hersey is technically a journalistic piece of writing; published on the year anniversary of the Hiroshima bombings we see a thrilling, haunting piece of literature, which recounts the lives of six individual survivors of the bomb. The writing hits a more personal point than commonly experienced in magazine articles of the day. Each character demonstrates a clear critique of our personal and political values, glimpsing from the religious extremes (loss of faith and also the guiding to renew faith) to the medicinal objectiveness of Japanese stoicism (Dr.Sasaki) each character demonstrates a particular pillar of society. Hersey’s fusion of story telling devices and non-fiction reporting allows the audience to connect emotionally to the characters plights and reestablishes the usual statistical data into bite size pieces which psychologically instill sadness, regret and connection between character and reader. This technique places Hersey at a point of power-...
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