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Topics: Terrorism, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Fear Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: January 7, 2013
A Life Without Fear

Countries are expected to provide all citizens with a safe living. People should feel safe in living in a certain country or state, without having to watch his back all the time. Every man shall walk freely, safely, and not paranoid of getting mugged or attacked.

As a first example, countries provide security checkpoints at airports. Those checkpoints are designed to prevent criminals or dangerous materials and packages from entering the city. They check everyone who plans on leaving the country, or even planning to get in. Their jobs are to search luggage and packages, and to search people using enhanced technologies. Naturally, this makes resident's feel safe, believing that no one will threaten them from outer, other countries.

Also, establishing police barracks and riot police, which have a motto like "to serve and protect", enhances fear-free countries. There job is to find criminals, apply law and order, and preventing fights and rebellions from occurring. Having dependable police forces and riot police makes people feel safer, and lets them walk in the street without fear. Being afraid creates a dark destination, but being safe and secure provides an open, secure road.

In every safe, fear-free country, it contains special units for detecting terrorism, finding possible threats, and terminating them, or even preventing terrorist suspect from entering the land. For example, the CIA, Interpol, and even the FBI provide unlimited safety. They detect threats; find terrorists and tackles terrorist plans before occurring. Every country with units like these, are least expected to have possible terrorism. So the people and residents live safely, unafraid.

In conclusion, every country that has police, safety units, and order, has safe residents. So finally, countries should provide freedom from fear environment.

Written by: Faisal Shuqom
SAT 11
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