English Essay on the Witch of Blackbird Pond

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  • Published : March 14, 2006
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The story is about Kit Tyler going to colonial Connecticut on the ship called the Dolphin. During the voyage Kit meets Nat Eaton. He jumped out of the boat to save her thinking she couldn't swim but she could which was awfully strange especially to Good Wife Cruff. This is not good for kit because they believe that if you can swim you're a witch. She also meets John Holbrook. He was the only one who didn't think that it was strange that she could swim.

Kit reaches Wethersfield after 9 days from Saybrook. Kit is disappointed to what the town locks like she's going to her Aunt Rachel's house but they don't know she's coming. They live in a story house. When she arrives there her uncle Mathew isn't happy that she's staying to live with them. Judith and Mercy also come out to greet her. Kit brought 7 suitcases, including dresses (very rare there). They go to church and everyone stared at Kit because of her clothes. After the meeting she meets William Ashby and senses he likes her.

Kit learns how to card wool, cook cornbread, and make soap and do farm work. In Barbados she had slaves to do everything for her. She told Mercy that the reason had leave Barbados is that a 50 year old man wanted to marry her and she had no other family living there. Her grandfather had died a couple months earlier. William Ashby called on Kit and planes to marry her. He's having a house built for her and everything. Judith is jealous because she likes William but then changes her mind and like John Holbrook. Mercy asks Kit if she wants to teach the Dame School with her since she can read. Kit decides to act out a story from the bible instead of reading it to the students. Things get out of control and right that moment Mr. Eleazer Kimberly the schoolmaster and Reverend John Woodridge walked in and were unhappy with what they saw. They fired Kit because they don't allow play acting and she said it was her idea. Kit feels awful and runs crying to the meadow where the...
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