English Essay on the Simple Gift Year 9 Standard a++

Topics: First-person narrative, Grammatical person, First person Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: March 14, 2013
The Simple Gift Essay Adam Visconti
Q: How does Herrick develop ‘belonging’ as a theme in the simple gift? What does the novel say about this theme? A: Herrick says no matter where you belong, you will always be a part of something and belong somewhere. In the book ‘The Simple Gift’, Steven Herrick, which is the author of the book, is telling readers about the development of belonging. Herrick develops belonging as a thing and that is important. Herrick says that no matter where people belong, everybody will have a place to stay and be a part of life. Herrick uses this belonging idea as an important part of life. Herrick uses Narrative perspective, language and characterisation to develop an idea on what belonging is. Herrick uses Narrative perspective as an important part of the book, he develops is by the use of 1st person poetry, and that people have different ideas or views from a perspective. Herrick, through the perspective of the story, clearly demonstrates that it is hard to belong. When Herrick tells the story in the way he does, Herrick is trying to make a point of perspective. Herrick clearly shows this by the first person perspective. Herrick develops belonging with the combination of perspective and thought fullness. For example when Caitlyn and Billy meet for a date, Herrick makes the perspective of both of the characters very different. This quote clearly says that Caitlyn and Billy both feel a different side on what to do and what to feel for each other. Herrick develops language in the book from the use of the different types of characters. Herrick demonstrates that people have different ideas of belonging, in the language 'The Simple Gift has' Herrick, through the language of the book/characters, clearly demonstrates that it is hard to belong. Herrick shows this by basing the theme of the book and the characters on their language and how they react with one another. Herrick shows that belonging is not dependent on what...
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