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In today’s society, electronics are what our lives are controlled by and based on. Without electronics, our lives would be at a standstill and nothing would get done fast enough. Almost everyone one owns some type of electronic in order to make their lives easier, regardless of the negative affects it can have on society. With all the positive and negative uses of electronics, the younger generation still needs to be monitored on how they use these electronics. Parents should supervise their children’s use of electronics and know what they are doing on these high tech gadgets. Parents staying focused on monitoring their children will allow children to stay more social, less violent and stay more active in today’s society.

Children who play video games all day long end up developing their own fantasy world and never wanting to leave. They become who they want to be, when they want to be and are content with that lifestyle of living through the game. In the world of video games, the possibilities are endless to a child and they can even create an alter ego. Instant messaging on the computer is a way for an individual to talk to as many people as they want without them knowing who they really are. Through instant message, children could be talking to a super model or a child molester who lives down the street and there is no way to tell who they really are talking to. If a parent doesn’t monitor who their child talks to online, it can become an unsafe situation because of what the child might be talking about or images they are sent. Parents need to monitor how much time is spent online and playing videogames because interacting face to face with individuals is very important to a child’s development into coping with the world. We cannot keep children bottle upped inside with television, internet, or videogames but allow them to go out and socialize so they can know firsthand how to deal with real life problems.

Violence is everywhere in the world today....
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