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Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Gallows Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: April 21, 2013
English Writing
Dear Diary
I am standing alone in a lake. The water is still, and there is no one with me - nothing containing any life… and yet I still feel like something is observing me. I can’t hear anything or see through the thick blanket of fog that carries an air of melancholy across the marsh. I am standing alone in a lake. Until I open my eyes.

Tranquillity leaves me and I am transported to a place where there is no adequation; where hierarchy takes over and all beings abide by it. If you enter this place and you begin the journey deficiently, you will never be accepted into this complex community they call school. Date

I gasped for air between sobs. Tears from my wide, moistened eyes streamed unchecked down my pale cheeks. The tears tasted brackish to my lips, with a meaning tint of bitterness in them: bitterness that I felt and enjoin to the others for putting me in such a base and pitiful condition as I was in that day; or always, for that matter. Tears blinded my eyes as a reinvigorated surge of despair swept me. A muffled groan of grief arose in my throat, and my head throbbed with pain. But I kept silent, because I had learned to do so now. The way I have learnt to adjust to my surroundings in this alien, hostile school, and had learnt to accept countless jeers and merciless teasing from the people around me. I sat staring deeply at the engraved graffiti, each letter giving a fierce image. "Must die". They had warned it was going to be bad, although I never expected this. I never was a strong person. If only I had the courage to stand up and stop this. Date

My spirit broke with the dawn. I opened my eyes to a new day full of potential – nonetheless, the desolation of yesterday was still lodged within: the thought of facing another day was abhorrent to me. I yearned for the day when I could leap out into the world with a beaming smile spread wide across my glowing face, prepared for what opportunities the day would offer. Regrettably, there...
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