English Essay About Christmas Holidays

Topics: Christmas, Friendship, Present Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: February 24, 2013
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A recent study has shown that spending your Christmas holidays abroad is becoming more and more popular in Europe. So the question comes up immediately. „Is it better to stay close to your friends, and most of all, family or to spend the time having a peaceful week at a sunny and warm beach?“ In my opinion, sunny weather combined with a little distance from your daily routine can positively affect your life. First of all, spending time abroad is good for turning off your brain. It is indeed the perfect opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, slacken off from your daily life. A good friend of mine had some problems in his job and was continuously thinking about quitting. After a sunny weekend with his girlfriend at a beach in Spain he came back with a much better attitude and even got promoted. Spending time in a southern country during the Christmas season is good for another reason. (rhyme! :D) You are able to break away from the same old routine you witness every single year. This includes Christmas songs, the annoying advertisements on television and the food marathon in the supermarket. We have always been told that the time before Christmas was a peaceful and quiet time. Well, to many people, including myself, it is one of the noisiest and most annoying things of the entire year. The religious value has almost disappeared nowadays, and most adults seem to not care at all and for almost every child it is all about the presents it gets. However, many people will say that they could never afford making a trip abroad. Well, it is very untrue, if you compare the prize of such a trip to what people often spend on presents, food, decoration, and other things like a skiing trip in the alpes, which is one of the most expensive things ever. There often are much cheaper offers for a one-week-holiday than what a Christmas weekend with your friends and family costs. Summing up, I can only say that the purpose of holidays...
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