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Topics: Love, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Poetry Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Female poets have their own opinions in poetry. It involves one of emotion and passion which strives to raise awareness of human wants and desires. Women poets make you think twice about love and all those crazy emotional themes that drive people crazy. These things are evident in the poems ‘Sonnet 43’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning’ and ‘Metho Drinker’ by Judith Wright. Both poets use a variety of techniques to grab your attention and create imagery. Barrett and Wright are two completely different poets. Barrett’s poem ‘Sonnet 43’is about passionate love and Wright’s poem ‘Metho Drinker’ is about a man who is alcoholic. Barrett’s point of view in ‘sonnet 43’ is showing how much she loved her husband and nothing could ruin her love for him. Her point is also showing that women should have loved their husbands in that matter also. Barrett didn’t care if Robert (her husband) didn’t love her as strongly as she loved him, what mattered to her most that she loved him with a passion that could never be lost. Her tone is passionate because she is declaring the love for her husband. “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height” Makes her love seem so passionate that it is almost touchable. On the other hand Wright’s point of view in her poem ‘Metho Drinker’ is to make people stop and realise how that person would feel. If you know someone that has lost his wife or her husband, after reading the poem “Metho Drinker” you should know how they are feeling. Sonnet 43 is a great romantic poem that tells us in depth how much love Barrett had shed for her husband. This is shown in the metaphor she states in her poem “I love you enough to meet all your needs of day and night” A clever technique she used was Anaphora the repetition of “I love thee” at the beginning of the line is to enforce the already existing knowledge about the strength of her love, and that what she feels is love, nothing more and nothing less. In the poem she is trying to describe the abstract feeling of...
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