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Topics: Generation Y, Narcissism, Narcissistic personality disorder Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: May 13, 2013
The future of today’s youth is a very widely discussed topic. There are parents everywhere trying to give their kids the best, and ensure a proper education to set themselves up for a career and a successful future. There are many controversies on where the future for the millennial generation is headed. In the past there have been many different generations, but most say none are like the millennial generation. In the book The Narcissism Epidemic, the topic of focus is just as the title states, the epidemic of the narcissism in the millennial generation, and in even today’s society. The book Millennials Rising focuses on the millennial generation and the way they are growing up, along with their morals and goals. The book presents the argument that the millennial generation is much more dedicated, hard working and focused on success than the previous generations. The change in goals and aspirations is discussed in the book. Both books provide valid and current facts and information, but the book Millennials Rising makes a better argument toward the main point.

The Narcissism Epidemic addresses many different issues in today’s society and the potential danger in the rising generation. The book is very clear on its view of the millennial generation, and states many facts to support its view. There are many valid and true arguments made. The book states that the square footage of houses has increased in the past 35 years. This I show on a chart that shows in 1970 the average house size was 1500 square feet, and in 2005 the average house size is 2450 square feet. This is used in the book to be an indicator of narcissistic personality disorder rising in the past 35 years. The number of cosmetic procedures has also drastically risen. In 1997 the number of Americans getting a surgery solely for cosmetic reasons was 2,000,000. In 2008 the number jumped 600% to 12,000,000. This is a 10,000,000 difference. This is interpreted to support the statement that people are...
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