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Topics: High school, College, Middle school Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 18, 2013
McKenna Bernier
Period 7
Language Barriers

Imagine moving to a foreign country. Everything is different from what you know. A new house, a new language, new clothes, new traditions and on top of it all, a new school. School is already stressful enough, but then add in the idea of going to a school in a brand new country. You don’t know anyone and making friends is much harder because of the language barrier, not to mention understanding lectures and lessons in class. Fitting in is difficult for immigrants especially in schools, which jeopardizes their success in achieving the American Dream. In the poem Elena by Pat Mora, the main character moved to America with her family. She talked about the hardships of her transition into a new country. Since she and her family moved to America, her children now both attend American high schools. They are now completely bilingual, which leaves their mother feeling left out. She is the only one left in her family who has yet to learn English. She once bought a book to learn english, but never followed through because her husband was apprehensive because he didn’t want his wife to be smarter than he was. She remembers when her children were young and they would all joke together in Spanish but now they are always talking in English without her. Once her children found their place in school they used it as a tool to quickly pick up the language. Now that they are bilingual they have a much easier time making friends and relating to their classmates. Being bilingual will boost their confidence in school and motivate them to go on to pursue a higher education and then a career. Without this success achieving the American dream becomes a much more difficult tasks.

The poem In Response to Executive Order 9066: All Americans of Japanese Descent Must Report To Relocation Centers by Dwight Okita, the speaker begins by saying that she is just a normal 14 year-old girl. She then goes on to say that she feels...
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