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Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Compare and contrast the ways in which Tom Brennan and Juno emerge ‘into the world’ ‘Into the world’ explores the nature of growing up and the transition from childhood to adulthood. It can involve the journey of discovery, the coming of age and overcoming adversity. The story of Tom Brennan and the film Juno contrast ways in which the two main characters, Juno and Tom, emerge into the world. This is demonstrated through sexuality, relationships with family, physical maturity, confronting issues associated with decisions and dealing with consequences In the ‘Story of Tom Brennan’, J.C Burke uses sexual relationships and homosexuality to illustrate Tom coming into the world. J.C Burke uses a homosexual character, Brendan, it added another secret to the Brennan family and a contrasting ‘problem’ (in Gran’s eyes) to handle. In the last chapter Tom demonstrates sexual maturity when Chrissie and Tom have sex. Throughout the book Tom began to feel different about Chrissie and we can see Tom sexually maturing over the chapters until he reaches his ‘peak’ at the end. In the film Juno, the film begins with Juno sexually matured; she has already had sex and is now dealing with the consequences. Even though she has already had sex we still see hints of childlike behavior in Juno throughout the pregnancy. “Should’ve gone to China, they give away babies like free iPods” is an example of Juno’s insensitivity and her little understanding of the emotions that Vanessa is undergoing. Moreover, relationships with the family are another contrasting aspect that the two texts share in common. Tom Brennan begins with a broken family and throughout the novel the family slowly comes back together. Tom keeps to himself and doesn’t share a close relationship with any of his family members. Burke uses flashbacks that show Daniel and Tom’s relationship before the accident, it was mainly about football. The flashback also keeps the reader focused on Tom’s suffering and growth. Throughout...
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