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Descriptive Essay

This type of essay is represented by a written task describing the case to the reader so that it becomes clear to them. The case of the essay can be a place, a person, a famous building or any generic object.

Description of People

Essay containing description of a person or people has to be structure as follows:

1. The introduction must include general facts about a person being described and provide the details circumstances of your encounter. 2. The main body consists of the description of your subject’s physical appearance and personality qualities as well as interests and other unique features. Each topic should be summarized in a separate paragraph. 3. The concluding phase is a paragraph in which you describe your personal standing in regards to a specific person.

One should use present tenses while describing people well known or often seen by the writer. If you are writing about someone who has passed away, or a person you have known in the past you have to narrate in the past tense. When describing a person’s physical appearance one needs to start with the general features and continue with more specific details such as nose, hair color and eyes etc. Adding the description of person’s apparel and general style will also result in a fuller picture of the character. The description of someone’s personal qualities requires explanation based on certain examples taken from real life in order to provide a vivid picture to the reader. You may also illustrate someone’s character through the description of the way they speak, their gestures, and unique habits they might have.

Description of Places/Buildings

When writing a descriptive essay about a building or a facility you should refer to the following tips:

1. The introduction should explain your reason for choosing a certain place/building for the description as well as mention its name and location. 2. The main body is used for description of the major features of a building or a place in details. For instance while narrating about a building you need to mention what other places you can see from it and what you can do there, also its exterior and interior. If known the history of the building/place you should include it in your description as well. 3. In the concluding paragraph you can include your feelings, attitudes and other comments on the building/place being described.

Descriptions of various places and/or buildings can be located in tourist magazines, travel brochures, and other literature. The style used in the essay will depend on the reader audience and the intention of the description. In a magazine article you can use a semi-formal style with a courteous tone. Most likely you will use present tenses when writing about buildings/places still existing. Past tenses should be used when you mention some historical facts.

Description of Objects

Great examples of description of objects can be found in great quantities in catalogues, advertisements, and special magazines.

When describing an object(s) you should give a precise picture of it, thus including information about size, weight, pattern, shape or any decorative specifications such as color, origin and material used to make it.

A lot of adjectives should be used in description of an object. It is better to name opinion adjectives first and then include fact adjectives. They are listed in such order: weight, size, age, shape or pattern, color, material used and its origin. Naming all of those one after another will sound unnatural, thus try to diversify your writing.

Description of Events

There are a few components in the essay describing event(s).

1. The introduction presents the name, place, time, and reasons of a particular event being celebrated. 2. The main body consists of the description the arrangements leading to the event and the actual event in individual paragraphs. The writer has to...
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