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Topics: Camping, English-language films, Campsite Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: July 10, 2012
There are many places that I like to go, but there is only one place that I love to go and will continue to go for the rest of my life. That one place is Grand Haven beach. Now I will explain to you why Grand Haven is my favorite place. One of the reasons is all the activities that I do, such as; volleyball, skating, jumping off the pier, and tanning. I could do all of those activities at home or anywhere, but I just can’t enjoy them as much as I do at the beach. At the beach it’s just more fun, but also relaxing setting, it’s just refreshing. I wish I could just always stay out at the beach. Another reason is it’s my favorite camping spot. I love to just wake up and go and lay out on the beach that just makes me have a good start to my day. I also love just hanging out at night watching a camp fire with everyone else doing the same things. Camping out at the beach means so much to me to because every time I camped out there it has been with my family. My last and final reason for loving the beach is that I get to hang out there with my son and girlfriend. I love going to the beach with them is because that is where I first met my girlfriend. And my son loves the beach because that is where he first started loving the water. I also love going to the beach with them because I love taking them to the place where I love the most. In conclusion Grand Haven beach is my favorite place to go, where I can do all the activities I love to do. So hopefully I can have my own place out at the beach. So I can be at the place I love the most. Grand Haven beach is the place down the road I hope to raise my kids. So this is why I love Grand Haven beach so much.
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