English-Dust Bowl of 1930

Topics: Global warming, Agriculture, Organic farming Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Dust Bowl?
Now-a-days many farmers struggle with drought. In the 1930s the same was true. Farmers are currently fearing that having this huge drought will affect their economic living. If a drought happens than a farmer’s plantation could lose its crops, animals, and amazing soil. Three supporters of those ideas are Romm, who knows a lot about energy efficiency; MeManus, who is the associate state climatologist for Oklahoma; and Foley, who is the director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of the Minnesota. All three believe that Gobal warming is increasing drought due to the high temperature the world has been having, and due to the drought crops are not growing as planned. Nielsen- Gammon, on the other hand, believes that another drought could not possible happen due to the farming practices that we have been implying. But farming practices are not as strong as they use to be; thus, if farmers learn how to support their crops and animals by using new farming methods a drought is least likely to affect them.

Without changing their methods of farming, farmers will lose all their economic livings due to Global Warming. Romm articulates that Global Warming dries soil out; it also leads to earlier snow melt, so less water will be stored on mountain tops for the summer dry season (Source B). McManus states that “during the catastrophic drought crops withered and animals died” (Source E). Thereof, with both ideas combine if farmers don’t change farming methods they will lose some of their most valuable resources, which means they will lose money. In short, they will lose business entirely.

While many are convinced that Global Warming is affecting the way farming practices are being used, there are some that think it does not. One being John Nielsen –Gammon. He said that “farming practices have improved a lot since then, so it would take a much bigger drought to have some affect” (Source A). While Nielsen-Gammon thinks our farming practices...
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