English Documentary Social Networking

Topics: Fraud, Identity theft, Psychology Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: December 1, 2011
English Documentary
Social Networking
Mind Map:
1. Voice over with pictures. Introducing the Documentary.
2. An Interview - A child survey to find out how many children are on Facebook. 3. Protecting Your Privacy- To help keep safe online
4. Case Study- Rose Annihilation Squad - A talk with the victim in an e-bullying case/ 5. Adult Opinions- Parents talk on Social Networking
6. Talk with child psychologist - Advice to the children and adults. Introduction: Narration
Social networking- probably the world’s backbone. From contacting far and distant relations to creating a public forum to discuss world issues, there’s no doubt that networking sites prove to be a boon for all. But there exists a flip-side to every coin. With a daily increase of the number of users depending on sites like twitter or Facebook, there exists a high risk of identity loss, identity fraud, access to private information, cyber crime and e-bullying.

Introduction to Child Survey
47% of the people on Facebook are children. 13% of which are under the age of 12. In spite of the fact that the minimum age bar is 15 years. Most of them are unaware of the dangers of social networking. When questioned here’s what they said. Survey

1) Are you on Facebook?
2) When did you join and why?
3) Is your profile picture your face?
4) Are you aware of the new Privacy Settings on Facebook?
5) Have you ever been victimized on Facebook?
Introduction to Protecting your Privacy
As you can see, most of the children on facebook are unaware of the possible dangers of revealing information online. There is a lot that goes hidden, and most of the time, we are caught unguarded. It is important to know how to be safe online and how to secure your information. Varun will now be showing us how to protect our privacy. Introduction to RAS

Protecting you information isn’t the only thing that’s essential. Cyber bullies and social groups also prove to be a bane for a few targeted children. And it’s...
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