English Distinctly Visual Speech

Topics: World War II, Woman, Performance Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Imagine being mentally tortured, beaten and starved to death? Imagine you were taken away from your family and raped till death?

Shoe Horn Sonata is an impressive story of courage, hope, horror and friendship. This play is a tribute to commemorate the bravery of the women and to make their story of survival widely known. The historical context that the story has enables us to learn about the past events and to understand the true meaning of war and its consequences. The play draws on real events. Misto uses the play to demonstrate the devastation of war and the human spirit and will to survive, both prevalent themes throughout the play. Such themes are exemplified to the audience through the use of dramatic techniques such as music, projected photographs, voice-over, sound effects, symbolism and humour.

A Terrible Secret is a documentary of a grandmother, Jan Ruff-O’Herne and her terrible secret, a secret (she was being raped at the POW camps during world war two by the japs) that took fifty years to come to terms with before, finally, she reveals it in a letter to her daughters. The documentary is showing the audience the distinctly visual and how the clever use of images helps to tell her story.

The characters portrayed within the novel are seen as realistic and authentic, this is because Misto uses certain language techniques such as humour, when Bridie stitched a rusty pin into Lipstick Larry’s Loin Cloth. Also when the Australian Nurses were pretending to have tuberculoses, Bridie mentions with humour “that night turned me off blind dates forever”. John Misto also used distinctly visual images to shape meaning and understanding of audience. His first distinctly visual image is where the black and white projected photographs have been shown to us a slide show of the Japanese where is there plot face are not shown in full. This shapes the audience understand that they look sinister where in other words dangerous and mysterious. This has also been...
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