English Dialogue

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Scene -

YGC: Hello , Jonathan. How was your day?

JL: Hi. Thanks, Guan Cheong , my day was fine, what about you?

YGC: It was ok. Have you heard about our school‘s new local project – Sport‘s week?

JL: Yes.   Do you have any ideas? I think we should hurry up, because project is going to start next week. I heard that

YGC: What do you think about inviting famous local athletes into meeting with these local students? Athletes would tell their story and I don‘t know, they would take some photos and give some interviews. What do you think about that?

JL: Personally, I don’t like your idea. I rather think we should arrange some kind of mini-olympic games, like jogging, playing basketball or something. It would be great experience to both sides. Do you catch my drift?

YGC: Yeah. It‘s a great idea! I like my idea, but I must say that your idea is a little bit better. But there’s one thing we should fulfill from my idea – I think we should invite famous athlete from Singapore, like Feng Tian Wei or other. It wouldn‘t cost THAT much.

JL: Yeah, I assume we can afford that. Oh, I got to go. I must bring a message to the principle’s office. We‘ll talk about our ideas later. 

YGC: OK, this is going to be a great week for us! I can’t wait for the local students to come. Bye ;)

JL: See you later.
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