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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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It was the last night of camp. Everyone had mixed emotions; some girls were happy to see their parents, some girls sad that they are leaving, and some who are just kind of like whatever. That night I was between, I was super excited to see my family and pick up my brother from the brother camp, but at the same time really sad that I was leaving my friends who became really like sisters to me. Most of all I was excited to have our parents watch Hymn Sing. I walk into to the dining hall for the last time with my cabin. We all have a sign where each cabin should sit and my cabin, Upper Loft plops right down and sits in a circle. My best friend Claudia whispers to me “ we must have fun” and I knew then that we are going to live this night up, so I replied “we will have fun.”

The cheers begin. The Seniors ( the older girls) and the Juniors (the younger girls) cheer like they never cheered before for their team. We are interrupted by the camp director makes who makes announcements, and welcomes parents. Shes excited, we are excited, she announces that this is our last hymn sing and you would expect to here a very dramatic “aw”, but instead everyone gets so much energy and starts to scream and clap and slam our feet to the ground. As she continues to speak I look around taking in every last moment as a camper. I here lake Champlain flowing against the rocks; I look at the younger campers so ecstatic to see their families; I listen to the girls talking to one another planning when they will visit each other; then I look at the parents who all have this huge smile on there faces to see their daughters so happy. All of a sudden it begins. The piano roars and the singing starts. We open to the song and the voices are just belting. We would clap with some of the songs, others we would stand up for, and some we would just sit and sing. One song which is a camp favorite is Let the River Run. Let the River run is asong that makes the whole camp happy. There’s a line...
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