English Composition Course Journal

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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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English Composition Course Work
Although English and Writing was always a strong class for me in high school, I was nervous about starting it for Penn Foster. Not being one to admit my aging is affecting me, I have been out of school (and out of practice) for several years. I was strongly concerned that my once adequate skills were going to be sorely outdated or worse, completely gone. One thing I was sure of, from being raised in the age of Instant Messaging, my typing skills are still pretty strong. Not that, by having to look up again what a transient verb was, my typing skills were giving me much courage. Sigh…

The inventory was interesting. It taught me the reasons that certain writing styles were difficult for me to grasp, and why others came so easily. A lot of what I read once doing the test made a lot of sense to me, and I had to laugh at how right they were about a lot of things. The way I learn seems to be attached to my writing style. I learn much better hands-on than through a book, and I prefer my writing style the same way. Who would have thought?


- Researching for nearly anything can be done from your own home in a matter of minutes. - Social Networking, such as Facebook, allows you to connect with people instantly and see what they are up to in real time. - They can help save time and resources by allowing you to type, or speak your thoughts or work and send them to people around the world in an instant. - Allows you to keep up with any changes in your chosen field and keep your knowledge sharp. - Allows you to complete your work faster and more efficiently. - Allows you to learn anything in a short amount of time, without leaving your home or even getting dressed. - Allows you to go to school without leaving your home…or even getting dressed.

- Thanks to the ease of information, getting side-tracked and distracted is very easy to do. - Errors can cause you to lose all the...
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