English Composition 2 Final Essay

Topics: English-language films, Fairy tale, 1990s music groups Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: March 18, 2011
English Composition 2 Final Exam Essay

The setting in a story can be the place where the story takes place like a university campus, a castle, or can describe the time period, when the story is taking place like whether the story is taking place in the 1800s’ or 2000s’ or another setting can also be the mood of a story. The settings chosen changes from stories to stories and affects the characters different ways and gives more diversity and make the reader enjoy reading the story even more. It can also tells What types of settings are used in stories? In the following parts of my essay, I will explain the difference between the types of settings found in stories and how it affects characters in them. The first setting that appears in all stories would be the place where the story takes place. Wherever a story takes place, it is the origin point where everything begins in a story. For example, in Dracula’s stories, the atmosphere is always gloomy and the story where his castle is located is always in an unknown place of Europe that nobody has ever heard about. Setting up the story in such a place makes the reader anxious to read more and give a foundation to what is to come in the following settings. Or another story like Snow White, the story is taking place in the happy and white environment with birds chirping representing joy and freedom. The story has some gloom moments but overall remains a happy ending story. The second setting would be the time period in which a story takes place. For example in Rumpelstilskin, according to the story, the time period must have been in the mid 1800s’, the Monarchy period, because the names of King and Queen are used and the concept of the story is very similar to the ones used in old stories of King and Queen. More precisely, when the girl of the miller is spinning gold from the straw, she does it one night till morning and the same routine happens, going...
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