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Topics: Parenthetical referencing, Bibliography, Writing Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: April 29, 2011
over the course of this semester in I believe that I have grown stronger both as a writer and reader. The two biggest problems I faced in the beginning of the second semester was properly using MLA format and reading between the lines. I never liked Mla format and always preferred APA style. I always thought that I would never be able to properly use mla, I always thought it was to hard to comprehend until now. Also I never really read between the lines of whatever i was reading, I would usually just read through whatever I was reading once and never really turn back and comprehend with what I was reading until now. My Savior in class was my textbook without it I would have totally been lost in class and not be able to keep up with my other classmates. when my professor first assigned us a reading assignment i was very hesitant at first,because I really didn’t enjoy reading long stories because I could not always compherend with what I was reading. That is to say until I turned to the assigned pages to be read and was pleased to see little side notes next to the paragraphs. in these side notes there were excellent little bits of information that helped me read and go along with the story with ease of completely understanding what i was reading. When I finished reading my first reading the assigned pages i decided to go further and read other stories in my textbook. so I continued to read on my own and soon I didn’t even need to look at the side bar notes because I learned to pace myself when i read and to always reread things that i din’t understand. Also, I would usually ask my professor questions pertaining to what i was reading if I did not understand the Text. when My professor first started to talk about Mla my ears shut and my face drew a long blank stare. I always resisted using mla format while writing all throuout high school and always turned to APA style. unfortunately Mla seemed to be pretty big in this particular class so i had no...
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