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Topics: English language, Language, Logic Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: December 9, 2012
What I do not like English class

I born on Cuba and a came here since 2007 and since 2008 I have been taken and taught some English class to improve it. These classes I do not like too much because are my second language, I prefer numbers instead letters and I do not enjoy well to read. My second language is English, and it is very hard to understand because I am not too fast to learn languages. Some people are very smart to understand and to learn a lot of vocabulary in many manners, but for me it is very difficult to memorize too many words. The English language is very different of Spanish, you can express with one word on English different meaning or ways. Also, it is very true that Spanish have more vocabulary and more verbs than English and the grammar it is more complicated when you need to combine in times. Another reason is that I like numbers than letters. Since I have learned on schools I always have been more interesting on math or logical thinking. Maybe is because I am bad on letters, grammar and orthography and instead focusing to improve it I prefer to focus on the classes that I am more comfortable. Example of that is when I need to studying for English class and math class; I start to studying math instead English because I prefer to leave the more complicated for me by the end of the studying time. The last but not less important is the reading. I do not like to read too much, for me it is very boring or because I like to know after reading some pages the end of the story. I am not a person to enjoy reading, which includes magazines, books, or newspaper. I need to specify that I read very well, but I do not have the time or the patience to read every night or to spend days reading. I remember my first book when my mother gives to me; I was to exited and started to read, and after one hour, I went to the final part to know the end of the story. To...
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