English: Burial and Mitford the Embalming

Topics: Burial, Embalming, Funeral home Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Taya Waller
English 1010-213
October 11, 2012

The Analysis by Jessica, Mitford “The Embalming of Mr. Jones”.
The Embalming of Mr. Jones is excerpted from The American Way of Death, a scathing critique of the funeral industry in the United States. The book prompted angry responses from morticians but it also led to increased governmental regulation, culminating in a 1984 Federal Trade Commission ruling requiring funeral homes to disclose in writing the prices for all the goods and services. “She even mentions that not only does the family spend thousands of dollars on caskets and funeral services, most family want to have a love one cremated than choosing to bury them.” Jessica Mitford tone sounds ethical. She takes a disgusting approach on explaining how the mortician starts the embalming procedure. Her audience that she is talking to would be people who prefer to be buried and maybe she is talking to people reading the essay. (Mitford, 304)

“Embalming is indeed the most extraordinary procedure, and one must wonder at the docility of Americans who each year pay hundreds of millions of dollars for its perpetuation, blissfully ignorant of what it is all about, what is done, how it is done. She speaks on how the mortician prepares the body for embalming-restoration. The first is to readied the body or Mr. Jones to bid the world farewell. The second she explains about the preparation room as in any better funeral establishments has the tiled and sterile look of a surgery, and indeed artist who does his chores there is a beginning to adopt the term “dermasurgeon” to describe his calling. Third she starts naming the morticians equipment by saying consisting of scalpels, scissors, augers, forceps, clamps, needles, pumps, tubes, bowls, and a basin. Next she explains the chemicals they use when embalming like fluids, sprays, pastes, oils, powders, creams, and to fix or soften tissue, shrink or distend it as needed, dry it here, and restore the moisture there....
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