English Broadsheet (Celebrity Culture)

Topics: The X Factor, Girls Aloud, Simon Cowell Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: April 10, 2013
British population obsession with talent shows: innocent or damaging? by Christy Phelps

In recent years, TV talent shows have burst onto our screens with a vengeance. Most showing ordinary members of the public competing for a large monetary prize, they are only increasing in popularity. Every year millions of viewers around the UK tune in their TVs to watch ITV's 'X Factor', 'Britain's Got Talent' or the BBC's 'The Voice'. It seems that talent shows are a never ending entertainment that have no sign of going anyway any time soon. However, this appears to be a frequent topic for our post weekend conversation whilst socializing, often a regular subject during conversation includes whether we 'watched last nights X Factor' or being asked 'Did you catch the Voice on Friday?'. This is also a socially acceptable addiction, especially women who find this a key point in general conversation with friends and family. We must question whether TV talent programmes are really just a form of simple entertainment. It is also considered an acceptable form of family socialisation rather than engaging in activities such as going to a local park, taking walks or enjoying each others company over a meal, in a restaurant or at home which was common 20 years ago. Are TV talent programmes a harmless form of entertainment or a destructive addiction for the British population?

Talent shows like X Factor offer successful competitors an open door into the music industry, and a chance to become recognised. Many of those who oppose TV talent shows (with Elton John reportedly being one of them) will argue that a show like X Factor is the wrong way to kick start a career in music. Traditionally, artists started at the bottom and worked their way up, working long and hard hours with little reward, driven by passion and huge determination. For the most part, success was finally 'making it' after a long, dedicated struggle.

Thousands of impressionable young people are fixated on shows...
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