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Primary PGCE
Learning About the Teaching of Reading
in Key Stage 2

(Do this task in the first of your KS2 placements)

Name _______________________ Group 1 2 3 4 5

Relevant Teachers’ Standards: 2, 3, 4 & 6

This is a substantial placement task for KS2, which asks you to find out about aspects of reading in your school.

Hand in the completed task at Avon Reception after placement.

This task is designed to ensure you look closely at the mechanisms, structures, processes and resources for teaching of early reading whilst you are on KS 2 placement. The scope of the task is wide and you should seek help from a number of sources.

• Observe what happens in your setting/class and in others, if you need to. • Your teacher will know a good deal about the programme- arrange to discuss it. • The school literacy policy will be informative and the assessment and parent policies might also refer to aspects of this audit. • The handbooks and websites of any materials that are used in school are a good source of information. • The literacy co-ordinator will be a good source of information, but arrange a time to discuss it with him/her and don’t just “ask in passing” Look carefully at what goes on in class and read the policies and handbooks before meeting to discuss them- this gives you the chance to appear well prepared.

This task is not a questionnaire – it is a set of guidance to ensure you consider some important aspects of early reading teaching. You will need to make use of the sheets attached to this task sheet and include notes and plans made yourself. Present this task as a portfolio of information. You do not need to “type up” the task, but evidence must be legible.

Hand in each part of this task after the placement. It will be returned for you and you should keep it in your English file.

This task is available as a Word file on the Resources area of the English website.

Developing The Teaching of Reading


For you to know and understand:
1. the growth of children’s speaking and listening skills in line with the NC, EYFS and PNS frameworks and/or emerging curriculum documentation related to the teaching of English 2. the key elements of a broad and rich language curriculum which develops the four interdependent strands of language 3. the teaching of comprehension across the curriculum

4. effective pedagogy for quality first teaching and assessment of reading in line with the EYFS and PNS frameworks 5. effective tracking, target setting and assessment systems to secure progression in children’s learning and targeted intervention programmes to support children with a range of significant literacy difficulties , including dyslexia

Record the school’s perspective on the following:

Children’s speaking and listening skills (using the PNS frameworks) What languages do the children in your class speak and write at home and school?

How is provision made for children with EAL?

When do children talk? How is this represented in curriculum planning?

How are records of speaking and listening assessment kept by your teacher?

What you need to do:
Plan to teach and evaluate activities for 2 of the following 4 areas: speaking, listening, group discussion or drama during your placement. These activities may form part of any curriculum subject. Ensure you reference them to the NC and to either the S&L Objectives or the New Primary Framework for Teaching Literacy objectives. Hand in your plans annotated with your evaluation.

(NB: planning and teaching activities to develop speaking and listening skills should arise naturally from your English teaching as well as from your teaching across the curriculum. These activities should not, therefore, be viewed as ‘additional tasks’ but you may find that you want to evaluate them more closely than usual in order to fully reflect on the impact of teaching on learning for this piece of work.)...
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