English Belonging Speech

Topics: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Jan Garbarek, The Reader Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: November 29, 2011
When we look at belonging we see that it is composed of many aspects, belonging to people, belonging to group, but one which all revolves around is place. Belonging to place means a deep connection to everything associated with it. Good morning/afternoon Teachers and fellow peers, today i will be attempting to explain what the concept of belonging means to me and how it is illustrated through my two texts. This intricate connection to place is developed through the novel ‘The Simple Gift’ by Steven Herrick and ‘Heat and Dust’ by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Steven Herrick’s novel “The Simple Gift” explores the way in which place can develop a sense of belonging and how without a connection to place such people or items associated with that place cannot be connected to. At the start of the novel, Billy’s school, family and hometown “Nowheresville” do not inspire a sense of belonging for him. “I throw one rock on the roof of each deadbeat no hoper shithole lonely downtrodden house” The accumulation of negative dictation highlights the feelings of alienation that such a place arouses for billy. This allows the reader to understand the extent of Billy’s disconnection and his motivation for leaving home. Billy has established no sense of belonging to this place at all, disconnected to everything it brings. Billy takes a journey to satisfy his sense of belonging. Throughout his journey he establishes deep connections to places and thus everything that is linked with that place. Billy ends up in a town called Bendarat where “the sun finally lifts the fog.” With the sun symbolising the way in which Billy is leaving his dark past behind, and that he feels this place could provide the potential for hope and positive experiences, a place to truly belong. In Bendarat Billy establishes a connection to his carriage 1864. The abandoned freight train carriage that billy sets up home in becomes an important place of belonging throughout the verse novel. The nickname that Old Bill...
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