English Belonging Essay

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Affection Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Engaging Visuals lead us to think about significant issues in the world

Relationships have been developed through many people due to cultural aspects of life and thus it requires individuals coming together to share a special connection between each other. Throughout the book ‘Maestro’ written by Peter Goldsworthy and ‘My China’ written by Kylie Kwong, demonstrates how relationships are important to everyone, and thus open up a psychological world in which makes the individual to think how special how one individual may be to another whether it be family or friends.

The relationship between Paul and Rosie, and Paul and Megan in the ‘Maestro’ elaborates on how love and lust is being placed into each of their relationships between each other. Paul has a very strong affectionate connection with Rosie and therefore loves her, however He has this lust for Megan but realises that she is unsatisfying because she provides no emotional or intellectual stimulation. Pauls understanding of love is demonstrated through him telling Rosie he loves her, “‘I wanted to tell you,’ I blurted out. ‘I love you very much. There will never be anyone else’ this quote symbolises how Paul has shown how he truly feels for Rosie and therefore has displayed his affectionate love for her. As Paul ‘Blurted out’ this imagery describes how he would have been feeling this for a while and he has finally told her, a sign of relief would be produced as he tells Rosie how he truly feels about her.

Relationships that have been missed due to moving away have been displayed in the short story ‘My China’ A story of a young girl returning back to her homeland in search for her long lost family, and find out about her family traditional food and their life story, although her great grandfather who took upon an adventure left her. Kwong Sue Duk (The girl) has developed a strong relationship with her great grandfather in the past and thus loosing or being away from him has caused some trouble with...
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