English Aussie Slang Short Stroy

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  • Published : May 11, 2010
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Well it’s another day again in Broady*, and my relo and I went down to the bottle-o to pick up some grog for the big* game of* *aierial* *pingpong* *this arvo* between the mighty pies and the dons*. When we got down there we realised that we spent *all *our *moula* at the servo. “ey* cobber *ya* old bastard*,* we better mull u*p, we got no cash” *“true* blue *ya* dag, *haha* no cash no problem”

*“better* grab the metho as well *fella*”
*“no* time knackers, *weve* got get home before everyone else *karks* it down there” “what* other dills are coming over for the pies v dons game *ya* donger*” “just* the *fellas* from the waterhole*”

*“bullshit*, fair dinkum, better have the ambos on speed dial” *“S*orry Jimmy”
*“Dont* worry about it* *Bazza*,* *im* busy like a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest, will call past* the shops to pinch a few snags”* We quickly called past Woolies* to pick up some snags and *sangers*, was an easy five finger discount but we had to piss bolt home *to set up.* I was surprised the dickheads at *Woolies* couldn’t see us knick anything, I mean two *yobbo’s* like ourselves, you should never leave us unattended*. Anyway *Bazza* and I chewed the fat while I drove back to our crib. As we got back to our shack, Bruce was waiting at the door in his *jarmies*. Nice guy* a real *whacka* *thoe* but behind him was a 24 pack of *buddys*, what a hero! Soon after all the boys were down and ready for the b*ig game. *Bazza* fired up the BBQ and the snags were roasting. *“Hey bruce* could you finish the BBQ off mate”

“Cock and bull, Ya* old bastard* I don’t know how to use one” *“Give it a burl ya* dill”
*While they were sorting out the barby I turned on the idiot box to the game. By now there were alot* of dead marines* and durry butts everywhere, no sign of liquid laugh in sight.* I screamed out *“ay* alfs games on”

*All the dongers c*arted there asses in the lounge like billy kids *wanting a *sucker....
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