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English Assignment

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(Department of English & Applied Linguistics)

(Units 6-9)


i) I disapprove of my friend since he is in the habit of smoking. ii) I approve Ayesha since she is taking care of her family. iii) I disapprove of him since he is reacting rudely with others. iv) I approve her since she is good in education and gets higher marks. v) I disapprove of my uncle because he never helps anyone. vi) I disapprove of my sister since she is in the habit of talking so much. vii) I disapprove of them because they do not care of time. viii) I approve students since they are planting trees.

ix) I approve them because they are doing such kind of good work. x) I approve Aslam since he is helping others.


i) Lecture was being delivered by the teacher.
ii) Tennis is played by Saima.
iii) A delicious food has been cooked by the cook.
iv) The exam will be passed by him with good marks.
v) Dishes are being washed by her.
vi) A lot of money has been earned by the people.
vii) His friend was invited by him on his birthday.
viii) Their work has been finished by them.
ix) A letter is being written by her.
x) A car is driven by him.


i) She works hard.
ii) They like watching T.V.
iii) He could pass his final exams.
iv) I can run fast.
v) The car will stop on the way.
vi) He will reach station in time.
vii) They appreciate his language skills.
viii) He will pass the exam.
ix) They watched movie last night.
x) Ahmed was willing to go on his college trip.


i) The poet means by the word “People” is “A Nation”. ii) Strong, Brave, Deep, Great, Long
iii) The main idea of the stanzas is that no wealth and precious metal can make nation strength as it real strength lies in its people who are brave and patriotic and...

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