English Assessment: Choose the Most Suitable Tense and Fill In the Blanks

Topics: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Carl Jung, Isabel Briggs Myers Pages: 6 (1637 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Vertė: 20
I. Put each verb in brackets into a suitable tense.

When you hear the final whistle

One of the hardest things for any sportsperson is to know when to retire. [pic] (1-retire/you) at your physical ‘peak’ or [pic] (2-you/wait) until your body (or your coach) [pic] (3-tell) you that it’s time to go? But even harder is finding the answer to the question ‘What [pic] (4-do/I) with the rest of my life?’

According to Ian Cockerill, a sports psychologist, retirement for people in general is traumatic. ‘There’s a high risk of depression and people [pic] (5-find/often) adjusting to a new way of life difficult. For sportspeople, there’s an extra trauma – the loss of status and recognition.’ That’s why some sportspeople [pic] (6-go on)playing too long. They just [pic] (7-not/can stand) life without the ‘high’ of playing professional sport. Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all times, [pic] (8- retire) three times. A few years after he [pic] (9- retreat) from the Chicago Bulls, [pic] (10- make) a successful comeback with the same team, then [pic] (11- retire) again. His second comeback with an inferior team [pic] (12- fail) and he [pic] (13- leave) professional sport for ever at the age of 38. Jordan said, ‘I’m sure that in the future there [pic] (14- be/ never) anything I do that [pic] (15- fulfil) me as much as competing did.’

For other sportspeople, the pain of saying goodbye [pic] (16- leave/ never) them. According to Jimmy Greaves, an ex-England international footballer, ‘A lot of players [pic] (17- prefer) to be shot once their career’s over.’ Many of them [pic] (18- spend) their retirement in a continuous battle against depression, alcohol and drugs.

But for the lucky few, retirement can mean a successful new career. Franz Beckenbauer is a classic example of a footballer who [pic] (19- win) everything with his club, Bayern Munich. After retiring he [pic] (20- become) a successful coach with Bayern and finally President of the club. Sadly, for most sportspeople, this case is the exception.

Vertė: 15
II. Put each verb in brackets into a suitable tense.

It was just a holiday, but it changed my life

Holidays can be good for your health. You [pic] (1-relax) on a beach, and tensions [pic] (2- disappear). But sometimes a holiday can change your life completely, which is what [pic] (3-happen)two years ago to Sally Gook. At present Sally Gook [pic] (4-wake up) every morning to a deep blue sky and blazing sun on a tiny Greek island of Lipsi, only16 square kilometres in size and with a population of just 650.

But until a few years ago she [pic] (5-live) in London. ‘I [pic] (6-work) for American Express at that time and I [pic] (7-lead) a good social life. But I [pic] (8-have) to get up every morning, often in a horrible weather, and get a train and the tube to work.’

Then one day she [pic] (9-decide) to have a relaxing holiday on Lipsi. ‘I [pic] (10-fall) in love with it – the people, the mountains, the sun, and the delicious food.’ A few months later she [pic] (11-apply) for the job at the travel company which [pic] (12-organise) her holiday.

Since then she [pic] (13-live) on Lipsi and [pic] (14- work) as a tourist guide. Sally said, ‘I [pic] (15-only/be back) to London once, and I can’t imagine ever living there again.’

Vertė: 5
III. Make questions to the underlined words:
1. James Bond returned to his bedroom at midnight.
2. There are thousandsof books in this library.
3. John is thinking about his new girlfriend.
4. My friend Mary is a very kind and friendly girl.
5. We received the boy’s telegram last night.

Vertė: 6
IV. Complete the text by putting the sentences (a-g) in the correct place.

a) They think it also helps you to be more successful in meetings and negotiations. b) In meetings, if you know the other person is cautious, you probably...
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