English as a Tool for a High Scholastic Competency- Aerone Joshua M. Morante

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Aerone Joshua M. Morante

A Library Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements in ENG 2 (College Writing in English) under the supervision of Prof. Noel K. Torreta Second Semester 2011-2012

In the Philippines, it is foreseeable for a person to see public signs written in English-“biodegradable”, “non-biodegradable”, “stop”, “no smoking”, etc. Not only in the Philippines, majority of the people in the world are now exposed to the English language and can understand simple English instruction. The English language is so influential that it became international language. Many countries, like the Philippines, already imposed the teaching of the English language in order to achieve a higher competency rate than other countries in terms of education. Moreover, there are some problems that make the teaching of English in the Philippines a disadvantage instead of an advantage. In the midst of this, the benefit of learning the English language, such as a high level of scholastic competency encourages the Filipino students to continue to learn and be proficient in English.

In assumption that almost everybody in the world has already encountered the English language-by listening in radio or through reading magazines, even just for a day, one can perceive how far a language can reach and how powerful it can be, considering that it is the international language. However, encounters such as this would not stop a curious person from having questions on how one language can become an international language.

Fowler (1965) tells us how Americans has largely influenced the world in the field of literature, arts, and media. Their writings and plays become famous all over the world. So as the English language, has reached the standards of becoming the world language. One in every ten people in the world speaks English. It has even become the only medium of communication for some countries with different language or dialects. It is obvious that the influence that the Americans or as we say it, English speakers had brought to the world, made up the largest contribution to making the English language the most known language globally. Crystal (2003) proved that influence drives a language to become famous in his statement where he said, “Why a language becomes a global language has little to do with the number of people who speak it. It is much more to do with who those speakers are.”

Even though, knowing all these spectacular events that happened as to how the English language became the world language is not enough to answer the questions on how English words had evolved to what it is today. In 1975, Williams characterized the history of language not as a sequence of events but rather, “something created and shared and created by an entire people….” Though we can claim that many famous men, like Shakespeare, have once influenced languages, it will only happen once along the development of language. History of language is very hard to narrate for the reason that it is not like a history of events where one can arrange it with accuracy. On the other hand, English historians described how language had been an everyday refinement of billions of words spoken by millions of people in every minute of every day. As for the English language, in which its stature now, it owes to all the people of the past that used it.

English has indeed, made a special place in the world where people wants to communicate with each other. It is quite noticing that the English language has a different nature from any other languages in the world. On the observations by Canare, “The...
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