English as a Second Language

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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The Advantages of Speaking English as a second Language
It has been said that the Earth is shrinking. Not only has air travel reduced the time it takes to get from one country to another, but the internet has also served to shrink our planet. With new technology like email, Skype and Facebook bridging people together in spite of how far apart they may be, it is more likely than ever that a person will need to speak a second language. If one is interested in taking advantage of our shrinking planet, and using these new technologies to acquire information then I would recommend learning English as a second language. For the time being at least, I believe English is the language that doors to information and opportunities.

Many of the new technologies that allow people to connect from across the world are primarily conducted in English, Facebook, Tumblr, Linked In and other networking sites cater to English speaking users. The speaker of another language who can master English will have a whole array of communicative networking sites at their disposal.

The speaker of English would also have many sources of information open to him. News sources like the BBC, CNN as well as less popular but still thought provoking sources like Slate, Salon and The Huffington Post, Furthermore, research sources like J-Stor and LexisNexis would be there to provide papers, articles and research materials on thousands of different topics and areas of study. If you look at many of the job search sites on the internet, it is becoming increasingly apparent that knowledge of a second language is primary qualification for job seekers. As companies have become more global, their desire for bilingual speakers has become more urgent. The applicant who speaks English as a second language has significant advantage over other applicants. In conclusion, I believe it is clear that there are many advantages to speaking English as a second language. More networking is possible, more information is...
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