English as Universal Medium of Communication

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Introduction:English is a universal language. A lingua franca for the most parts of the globe. English has undergone a fascinating change over the centuries. An undercurrent of change in language has been visible to philologists and discerning users of language like you and me. English established itself as a pre-eminent language in the world. English is a heterogeneous language. English is a global language.It is widely spread and spoken by many people across the world. It is used as a medium of communication. It is particularly true of India where it is used as a language for both intranational and international communication. The demand for English has been sweeping almost of all the fields of national life like Politics, International Relations, Media, Communication, Travel and Education. The learning and knowledge of English language has benefited our country men and the country in many ways. Now English has attained the status of the premier International language with access of communication to almost all the parts of the Globe. As such the importance of English language increased manifold. It is for us to derive the optimum advantage from our close association with a sort of mastery over the language discarding the prejudices and parochialism, which already made in-roads into our commanding position over the language.

English has now become a universal medium of communication. Learning English has rather become imperative on the Indians, today. Our First Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru dignified English as the window to the outside world. The times have changed and the English language now is our gateway to the world. Although it is a foreign language, it is more friendly than foreign, and has come to stay in our country.

Some interesting facts about English Language:

· Nearly 450 million people of world understand and speak English · It is the language of aviation and traffic signals · English...
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