English as the Official Language in the U.S.

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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1 out line : Should english be official language in the u.s. ?

I Introduction

- English is good for official language in the U.S. - In the future China or Japan is powerful of business in the world so, people have to learn many languages. - Not fair for American people who can speak on English but Asian people ,Mexican people they ‘re Bilingual. - Dose the U.S. should have official language more than one language?


Because of The U.S. has many people from other country in the world. American people can speak only English while other people such as American-Chinese, American-Thai and American-Japan they can speak 2 language.

Thesis statement

It might be true that English should be good enough to be official language in the U.S.

II Body

One Language not for American People : It’s not fair for American people because they can talk only English while other people they can speak more than 2 language.

e.g.; Mr.Kim is American-Korean who can speak English and Korean very well Mr.Kritsana from Thailand who can speak English and Thai Mr.Ushida from Japan who can speak English and Japanese Mr.Logan is American.He can speak only English

Who will got a job or advantage when apply in Global company.

Non English school language not enough for American people : In the U.S. has many English school but other language not much. It seems problem for American people to learn second language. e.g.: ELS,Kaplan,Zoni,ESL they’re English school while other school no have in the U.S.

China Business strong than The U.S. :American people should avoid themselves now while their situation of business is not good but China business is strong and in the future China is ganna be number 1 of Business in the world .

Exp; Every business should connect to China.It’s good if American people they can speak Chinese language

Rebuttal from the Writer

Although, they have many...
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