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A. Background2
B. Problem statement3
C. Objective of Research 4
D. Scope Of Research4
E. Significant of Research4
F. Benefits Of Study 5
A. Previous Findings6
B. Biographical Sketch of the author6
C. Synopsis.7
A. Definition of Symbol11
B. The meaning of symbols in the novel the House of The Seven Gables11 CHAPTER IV: CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION15
A. Conclusions16
B. Suggestions17

A. Background

The house of the seven gables, a novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a novel of the novels which an appearance can not be separated from the real life of its author and his social life. By reading The House of the seven gables, the researcher has a deep impression because its story reflects an epoch of the author family and also it gives a picture of a great history which happened in American society. The house of the seven gables was published in 1851 and The house of the seven gables was publisher Wilside Press in English language. It is divided of 21 chapters and consists of 263 pages. Then, the setting of time is 19 th century and the setting of place is New England.

The story of The house of the seven gables stars when Colonel Pyncheon, the founder father of the house of the seven gables, builds the mansion upon property usurped from the original owner, Mattew Maule. Mattew Maule is a plain person who has an acre of a strategic land. This strategic land make Colonel Pyncheon, a hard and stern Puritan of Massachusetts who is very prominent in his city, has a strong desire to posses it, The original owner of that land is very stubborn in the defense of what he considers his right. It makes Colonel Pyncheon try to find a way to achieve his intention. On other side, mattew Maule accused by the prominent Puritans of having something to do with witchcraft. A person who has witchcraft is hunted by Puritans, because according to the Puritans that person gets a supernatural power from Satan. As accused of being a witch, Mattew Maule hanged by the Puritans, colonel Pyncheon joins in that persecution, even he is one of the Puritans who are very enthusiastic in seeking the condemnation of Mattew Maule. By persecuting Mattew maule, Colonel pyncheon can get what he wants, that is Mattew Maule’s. before being persecuted, Mattew maule curses Colonel Pyncheon by saying “ God will give him blood to drink”. The infact of his of his land usurpation, the persecution, and the curse griped the next Pyncheon generation. The next inhabitants of that house are always overshadow by the gloom and dark life.

B. Problem statements

Based on the background explained above, the writer formulates research question as follow:

1. What is the Definition of Symbol?

2. What are the meaning of Symbols in the novel The House of The Seven gables?

C. Objective of Research

Based on the research problem, the objectives of research of the study is as follows:

1. To explain the Definition of symbol.

2. To explain the meaning of symbols in the novel The House of the Seven gables

D. Scope of the Research

In order to avoid misunderstanding between the writer and the reader, the writer thinks it is necessary to make limit of the problem. The writer focuses on her research in “Analysis Symbolism in Novel The House of the seven gables”.

E. The Significance of the Research

The significance of the research analysis of character in the novel The House of the seven gables by Nathaniel Hawtorne is as follows:

1. To be useful information for students who study literature. So they can get many advantages from this research.

2. To be useful information for...
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