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In this chapter, animals are described as being part of the family; animals can belong with humans just as much as other humans can. •Raimond describes all of the animals they had at Frogmore, their roles and small anecdotes about them. •They decide to buy a poultry farm; Romulus built an egg-washing machine. •Christine and Mitru come to Frogmore in winter, but they argue so Mitru leaves to Castlemaine station to catch a train to Melbourne. Romulus drives him there, and on the way back his speeding motorbike developed problems so he jumped from it, breaking his leg in three places. •Hora gave up his job to take care of Raimond and the chicken farm, Mitru left but Christine stayed. Hora didn’t like Christine. •Hora was going through difficult times, both with Christine and a disease that plagued the hens. Christine aggrevated tensions between Hora and Riamond. •Christine left. Hora and Raimond lived together for some time. •As migrants, they had poor living conditions and a pretty primitive life, with a sense of lacking (p51). •Romulus decided to abandon the poultry farm and becomes a blacksmith again, working in the small smithy shop owned by Tom Lillie. CONCEPT OF BELONGING/ NOT BELONGINGQUOTETECHNIQUE & HOW IT CONVEYS CONCEPT/S OF BELONGING/ NOT BELONGING Jack and Billy, despite Jack being a cockatoo and Billy a cat, get along with each other and “belong”. “Billy was the only cat Jack didn’t peck.”The unusual friendship between a cat and a bird is contrary to expectations, and elaborates the singling out of that cat. One’s loyalty to another person can convey a sense of belonging.“[Jack’]s loyalty to my father was intense.”The use of the word “intense” emphasises the closeness of the relationship.

Pets can be family members, and understanding can exist between animals and humans. In addition, humans can also belong with pets. “Hora lit the fire especially for him and put a chair next to it so that he could perch on it to warm and dry himself.” The use of the word “him” personifies Jack, almost as an equal, yet the word “perch” instigates his rightful place as a pet.

“Like Jack he [Orloff] was a source of joy in my troubled childhood, but unlike Jack he comforted me in my sorrow and gave me a sense of security when I was afraid.”The emotive language of “comforted” and “sorrow” emphasises their closeness. The soft alliteration of ‘s’ demonstrates the comfort and intimacy that Orloff brought to Raimond. Pets can ‘belong’ to families up to the point where the death of a pet is grieved as much as the death of a family member.“My father and I cried for him [Orloff], and for many days I thought my chest would explode with grief.”The hyperbole “explode with grief” shows the extremity of Raimonds upset, and how when someone dies how we can feel. Some people, such as Christine and Mitru, cannot get along, no matter how hard they try, and this can also destroy other relationships.“[Christine and Mitru] had quarrelled and they quarrelled again at Frogmore, with each other and with my father.”The repetition of “quarrelled” shows how repetative it appeared to Raimond, and how repetative it can seem to others when people do not get along. When someone feels disconnected, they can start to question everything, and seek answers for the reason of their alienation.“Over and again he asked himself why had it all turned out so? When would he be free of these troubles?”The rhetorical questions emphasise how confused and questioning that Romulus is feeling due to his alienation to Mitru and Christine. You may feel connected or linked to multiple people, but within those relationships, certain instincts or feelings may often vary.“I was nervous riding with Mitru and entreated him to slow down on the gravel roads. When I rode with my father, no matter how fast he drove, I always urged him to drive faster.”The comparison between Raimond’s feelings to both Hora and Romulus shows how Raimond’s...
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