Topics: AIDS, HIV, Tuberculosis Pages: 8 (2016 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Sample Paper – 2011
Class – X
Subject – ENGLISH
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MARKS: 40 TIME: 1hr 30min
|General instructions | |All questions are compulsory. | |You may attempt any section at a time. | |All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order. | | |

Section: A Reading (10 marks)
Q1. Read the passage carefully.
1. Not so long ago almost any student who successfully completed a university degree or diploma course could find a good career quite easily. Companies toured the academic institutions, competing with each other to recruit graduates. However, those days are gone, even in Hong Kong, and nowadays graduates often face strong competition in the search for jobs. 2. Most careers organizations highlight three stages for graduates to follow in the process of securing a suitable career: recognizing abilities, matching these to available vacancies and presenting them well to prospective employers. 3. Job seekers have to make a careful assessment of their own abilities. One area of assessment should be of their academic qualifications, which would include special skills within their subject area. Graduates should also consider their own personal values and attitudes, or the relative importance to themselves of such matters as money, security, leadership and caring for others. An honest assessment of personal interests and abilities such as creative or scientific skills, or skills acquired from work experience, should also be given careful thought.

4. The second stage is to study the opportunities available for employment and to think about how the general employment situation is likely to develop in the future. To do this, graduates can study job vacancies and information in newspapers or they can visit a careers office, write to possible employers for information or contact friends or relatives who may already be involved in a particular profession. After studying all the various options, they should be in a position to make informed comparisons between various careers. 5. Good personal presentation is essential in the search for a good career. Job application forms and letters should, of course, be filled in carefully and correctly, without grammar or spelling errors. Where additional information is asked for, job seekers should describe their abilities and work experience in more depth, with examples if possible. They should try to balance their own abilities with the employer's needs, explain why they are interested in a career with the particular company and try to show that they already know something about the company and its activities.

Q1.Read the questions given below and write the option you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet. (5 Marks) 1. In paragraph 1, ‘those days are gone, even in Hong Kong’, suggests that: (a) In the past, finding a good career was easier in Hong Kong than elsewhere. (b) Now everyone goes to Hong Kong to get a job.

(c) No one helps to get a job in Hong Kong..
(d) There are various job opportunities in Hong Kong.
2. According to paragraph 4, graduates should:
(a) find a good job easily and then compare it with other careers (b) ask friends or relatives to get them a good job
(c) get information...
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