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Topics: Marjane Satrapi, Fiction, Party Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Persepolis #5

For the next three chapters of Persepolis, please do the following: 1. For EACH chapter, identify a character or relationship that you find critical to this chapter. Why is this character so important to what is going on? Explain your choice.

The passport : In point of view, in this chapter uncle Taher is the most important character because it is showing how he died and his feelings for his soon. It also showed how unprepared and unprofessional people were getting jobs, important ones, just by accepting the regime.

The cigarette: in this chapter Marjane is getting to show how stubborn she can be. She started to smoke and to think that her mom is behaving as one of the dictator of the regime. She also got to skip class for the first time in her life. She did it because of her friends that are older than her; she wanted to be cool and hang out with them. However, Marjane’s mom found out and caught her lie. So , in my point of view, i thinks that her friends and the cigarette are the most important character, even thought cigarette is not a character.

The wine: in my opinion, the party is the most important event in this chapter. I believe that in this party Marjane got to know that she can, also, work around the law and subsequently around schools rules.

2. For EACH chapter, identify an important setting. What can you say about this setting and its role in the plot? What can you say about how Satrapi illustrates it? What is the larger role it's playing in this chapter?

The wine: The two most important scene in this chapter is the first scene when they would run to the basement when siren goes off; and the party at Marjane’s uncle, that symbolized the frustration of living in a regime like that ,

The cigarette: Shows the natural rebellious feeling of teenagers or about to be, I believe that it is illustrated with cigarette because it’s a classic way of showing how rebel you are. It’s also showed in the chapter another...
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