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School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of Languages and International Studies

EAP 6 COURSE GUIDE 2010 - 2011


Course Coordinator:
Siân Williams Lund
Email: Tel: 0208 331 8994 Room: KW223

Teaching timetable
Thursdays 11am – 1pmQM369
Fridays2 – 4pm SL009
Conversation Thurs4-5pmQM369

EAP 6 ENGL1080
This is a 30 credit course which can be taken in years 1 or 2.
EAP 6 ENGL1098
This is a 15 credit course taken by ERASMUS students in years 1 or 2

* Students taking this course are non-native speakers of English. * This course is intended as a continuation of English for Academic Purposes course 5 (EAP 5). Completion of course 5 is therefore sufficient qualification for entry into course 6. * This unit may also be appropriate for students of business and cultural studies who have normally completed an approved course of English study of no less than 10 semesters in a non English-speaking country.

This course aims to draw students' attention to the use of English in an academic context. Students will look at conventions of English in academic contexts and learn to manipulate their language to suit the appropriate context. Grammar review relevant to this context will also be an integral part of the course. Students will develop reading skills which can be transferred across their university courses in order to facilitate effective study skills. Throughout the course attention will be paid to vocabulary development and improving the ability to manipulate language to benefit various contexts. Students will be exposed to a range of resources in a blended learning approach to help stimulate learning and provide variety of access. Audiovisual materials form an integral part...

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