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Topics: Hamlet, Deception, William Shakespeare Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: November 25, 2012
In Hamlet, William Shakespeare suggests that individuals may struggle to restore honour and certainty because of procrastination and deception.

Honour and certainty are both qualities an individual may desire having. To be honoured by one’s name, or to be certain that through life they’ve made the right decisions. Honour is a clear sense of what is right and proper while maintaining great respect; certainty is freedom from doubt. In a sense these two traits are connected; with honour comes certainty, and with certainty comes honour. People want to be certain that what they are doing is right and will be satisfying in the end. With certainty in actions comes pride and honour with the results. Although before the pride and honour come into play, the right decision must be made and making this decision is a struggle for most individuals. Deceiving and conniving may seem simpler than being honest and working hard. There may seem like many quick and easy ways to do things at the last minute but they aren’t honorable. In Hamlet, William Shakespeare suggests that individuals struggle to restore honour and certainty because of procrastination and deception. Throughout the play Hamlet, William Shakespeare presents many soliloquies. The character Hamlet for example has a few soliloquies in which he contemplates whether to take vengeance on his uncle or not. Shakespeare is constantly calling attention to Hamlet’s worries and delays. He repeatedly raises the issue of delay in decision making. Even though as the reader, an individual may think it is something he/she imposes on the play, but the play raises the issue itself. In Hamlet’s first soliloquy, Shakespeare shows the first true insight into Hamlet’s contemplative nature and his suppression of the passionate feelings towards Gertrude and Claudius. Hamlet agonizes over his hopelessness in carrying out the deed to avenge his father and is always searching for reasons why he is acting the way he is. No matter how much...
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