English 30-1

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Elizabeth Proctor Pages: 13 (4902 words) Published: March 2, 2013
The Crucible

Act I questions
1. Why is Parris bringing in Reverend Hale? (Two possible reasons) 2. Abigail seems dangerous – why? How? Be specific – use a quote. 3. What are John Proctor’s concerns? How does he see himself? Why? 4. How is Rebecca Nurse portrayed? What role might she be likely to play? 5. Why is the issue of Parris’ salary raised? Who raises the issue? 6. Why does Tituba confess?

7. What motivates the girls to “cry out”? What does this gain them? 8. What road to redemption is open to the girls? What are the consequences for the girls if they should take this path? 9. What themes are being addressed? What is being said about them?

Act II questions
1. Describe John and Elizabeth’s relationship. Find quotes for support. 2. Why is Hale at the Proctor home? How do you see Hale - fair? corrupt? enigmatic? Supply a quote to support your position. 3. What relationship is there between the church and the court/state? How do you know this? What quote supports your view? 4. Why is Mary’s presence at the court significant? What are Mary’s motives? 5. What does the second scene add? (address conflict and character) 6. What themes are being addressed? What is being said about them?

Act III questions
1. How does setting influence conflict? Think of all three acts to this point. 2. How do Danforth and Hathorne attempt to get Proctor to drop his charge that Mary Warren has lied to the court? Why do they attempt this? 3. Why is Giles charged with contempt? Why does Giles allow this? 4. How does Abigail exert her power over the girls (especially Mary)? 5. How and why does Hale change his opinions? Use quotes for proof. 6. What are the possible outcomes for Proctor and others regarding his revelation to the court? 7. What themes are being addressed? What is being said about them?

Act IV questions
1. Why is Hale seeking confessions? What danger does this present for him? 2. What is Andover’s importance concerning theocracy in Massachusetts? 3. Why does Parris ask for a postponement? What is his fear? 4. Why will Elizabeth not ask John to confess?

5. Why does John confess? Why is his confession important to the court? 6. Why does John recant? How are his actions an affront to Danforth and to the court? 7. Is Abigail’s fate important? Why or why not?

Act 1 Answers:
1. Putnam demanded that Paris bring in Hale to look for signs of witchcraft. Hale is usually the guy who uncovers demons in Salem. Giles claims that Parris overstepped his boundaries in asking for the deed to his house. Parris replies that he does not want the community to be able to toss him out on a whim; his possession of the deed will make it more difficult for citizens to disobey the church. 2. Abigail is dangerous because she is the one who went and told Paris about what all of the girls did. But did not mention anything, when coming back and telling the girls she had confessed she threatened to kill them if they breathed a word about any of the other activity that went on. Page 19 3. John proctors main concern as stated in the opening is that he doesn’t like the fact that people mind others business before their own. He hates sin but is a sinner himself. He is the only one to admit that himself. 4. Rebecca nurse is a respected elder who was inspecting Betty. She has respect and care for everyone in the community. She is a saving grace. Her family is very wealthy and has a large amount of land. She can be viewed as a high profile target because when you are accused of witchcraft and are killed your land goes up for auction. 5. Paris and Giles were arguing about if Paris should be granted his six months of firewood and Paris claimed that it is part of his salary and his contract states he earns that firewood from the community. 6. Parris and Hale interrogated Tituba, she then confessed to communing with the devil, and she...
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