English 2367 Annotaed Biblography

Topics: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Abuse Pages: 5 (1696 words) Published: April 8, 2013
English 2367 Annotated Bibliography
Domestic Violence is a nationwide problem it happens in all cultures and has no certain age group that it can affect. In 2012 alone over 3.3 million women and children were abused, and many cases are not reported. Domestic violence is physical, mental, verbal, and sexual abuse forced upon a person by his or her intimate partner. Domestic violence’s can have a long term effect on the children in the family causing them to have emotional and psychological behaviors. “The Burning Bed” and” Enough “have strong characteristics of domestic violence. The movies “Enough and The Burning Bed “have similarities, both are about women who are abused by their spouses. Both movies are about the issue of domestic violence, and how it can come into play in everyday life. Another example of the movie is that each woman went to any lengths they had to so they could save their children from the abuser. Neither woman could get any help from the police it was always the same advice go back home to your husband, you can’t take the child and run, the legal system seemed to fail them as both movies involved the abuse that the children had to go through from early on in their lives. Where the two movies differ is the time period, “ The Burning Bed “ was a true story and it happened in the early 1980s while” Enough” was a fictional movie and it was produced in 2004 , both movies brought about significant change in the way that domestic violence is being viewed. Where one woman stayed and accepted the abuse until she had no choice but to kill her abuser, the other woman chose to fight for her life and in the end death came to him also. “The Burning Bed”. Director. Robert Greenwald. Perf. Farrah Fawcett and Paul Lemat .MGM Studios, 1984. DVD

In the movie “The Burning Bed which takes place in Dansville Michigan in 1984. Farrah Fawcett (Francine Hughes) plays the part of a young woman who falls in love with the man of her dreams, becomes pregnant and gets married, but on her wedding night the violence starts. After her and the children endure years of mental and physical abuse, she tries to escape. But the legal system made her go back home, even after she put a restraint order out on her husband they did nothing. One night the husband beats and rapes her repeatly after he goes to sleep she tells the kids to get in the car and returns to the house and sets the bed on fire with her husband in it. Francine then turns herself into the police. During the trial she plead innocent by reason of temporary insanity she was found not guilty. Many women and children who go through this type of abuse often go through post-traumatic stress, this type of stress can cause a person to have unclear thoughts and act out irrationally. The children of domestic violence victims often suffer as well showing signs of depression, emotional problems and social problems as well. In this movie the mother felt she did what was necessary to rid her children of the man who tortured her and hurt her children. “Domestic Violence.” com. Stop Violence against Women. 15 March.Web.2010

This article talks about the reinforcing of domestic violence laws. When a woman files a protection order through the courts, the judge can enforce the existing law by informing the batterer that if he or she violates the order, he or she will be punished to the fullest by the law. Research indicates that paring the order with a verbal warning not only increases the likelihood that the batterer will comply with the order, but this lets the victim know that she has the right to be free from violence. “Enough” Director .Michael Apted. Perf. Jennifer Lopez and Billy Campbell, Tessa Allen

Sony Home Entertainment.2004.DVD
The movie “Enough” is about a woman who meets this guy in a diner, after he defends her; she gets married and has a perfect life, so she thinks. Slim (Jenifer Lopez) finds out that her husband has been cheating on her with other woman she tries...
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