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This is an outline of the three-step writing process, which should apply to your analysis of a case study. Answer the case questions related to each step directly on this form. For the three-step process questions, you may use short phrases and sentences for your answers. Then add a page break, and write your response as directed in the case study and save the document as one file.

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A.Analyze the Situation
What is your general purpose? T
What is your specific purpose? Get our employees to understand the decisions that we have to may not seem better but are always better in the long run. Exactly what do you want your audience to think, feel or believe after receiving your message? I want them to feel like they can trust and support me. 1.Who is your primary audience? My employees

2.What is their background? Hard working people that want to be treated fairly 3.How are its members different from one another? Some want just themselves to succeed others want the whole company to succeed 4.How are its members similar to one another? They both want to be treated fairly and with respect 5.What are their reactions likely to be to your message? Some positive supporting my decisions other negative protesting my decions. B.Gather Information

1.What information do your readers need to receive? They need to know that we are doing things for the best it just wont happen immediately 2.What facts must you gather in order to create an effective message? Facts showing that in the future our employees will get what they want. C.Select the Right Medium

1.What medium were you told to use in the explanation of the task at the end of your resume or case? Electronic 2.If you used a different medium, why did you?
D.Organize the Information
1.What is your main idea or career focus? To work hard to be successful. 2.Will you use the direct or indirect approach? Direct
3.Why are you using the approach you chose? It is...
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