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  • Published: January 31, 2013
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Social networking: Better or worst than real life?

Social networking has become the most popular communication sites for teens, adult and anyone in between. For teens this compasses a large part of their lives. Social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and Belize Book are popular sites visited often by friend seekers, time wasters or time catchers. On these sites people communicate with old friends, make and chat with new friends and even start new romantic or friendly relationships. In reality social network sites are not always good; many times we encounter internet predators or people we don’t know or should not interact with on these sites. This could result in us getting into problem. And we must take into consideration the huge impact social networking has on our communication and writing skills, our interactions and our relationships with our peers and others. These sites somehow impair our ability to communicate with others in the ‘offline world’.

First, let’s take into consideration the impact these social network sites have on our personal life; meaning our relationships with our peers, be it your best friend, friend or boy friend/ girl friend. If we form a relationship ‘online’ and we have never meet that person ‘offline’ then it is not a real relationship. I mean you don’t even talk to that person, you do not know what or how that person is like. Yes, you know the person on the internet but is he or she who he or she claims. What if you think you are ‘in a relationship’ with a 17 year old but in reality your ‘boy friend’ is a 35 year old sex predator? This happens a lot when it comes to internet dating. If we live our lives on social networks then we lose out from the real world. While we are busing ‘chatting’ with your new friend your real friends are left on the outside. We lose a sense of being with the real world; we focus on our ‘cyber-life’ instead of our real life. We also lose the ability to interact with people in the real world; we focus on different things while our whole life flashes pass our ‘cyber-based’ eyes.

Then we consider social networking as it relates to interactions with others apart from our peers. Let’s consider this scenario; we have an interview with a major company for the position of front desk secretary. How are we to survive our interview if we are not use to interact with people in the real world? What are we to say or do? What about the position of front desk secretary? We don’t even know how to talk to the manager much less the costumers. We have no idea how to interact with people offline because we spend too much time on the internet ‘communicating’ with others. We forget our good manners, our graces and our humbleness. We are so used to seeing people behind tiny scenes that we forget how to react to people that are life size. Many times we take these social networks and turn them into our enter life. We ‘tweet’ about everything; what we are going to wear, ‘what’s on your mind’ and about everything else- ‘Jack is buying new tennis, buy you’re at www.buycoolshoe.com’. This becomes our entire life.

Apparently people have forgotten how to communicate with people around them. I had to wonder about this once when I saw two people ‘texting’ each other on a bus. I mean they were in the same bus sitting almost next to each other but still they prefer to text instead of talk?! People are losing the ability to have a conversation with others without using the worlds ‘lol’ or ‘brb’ to say they want to laugh or they are excusing themselves for a minute. The lack of writing skills is seen when some students hand in their essays to their teachers. The teachers find a lot of shorthand words instead of the real word. Sometimes we even draw emoticons to show how we feel about some things. Instead of the person saying I am feeling happy or sad you often times see or ! It is really funny sometimes for others to read these essays and I am pretty sure you, Ms. Amoa, can...
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