English 203

Topics: Greek mythology, Aeneid, Virgil Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: December 1, 2012
English 203 Midterm exam
Part 1: Answer only 2 of this following in short answers of 1 or 2 paragraphs 3. Define “lyric”
Lyric poems are short, personal and motional. Moreover, the lyric poems express the feelings and thoughts of the poets. The poets didn’t tell stories which describe characters, actions or even heroes. Specially, the lyric poems address the reader directly and clearly the poets ‘feeling, perceptions and state of mind. For example, the poem Last night, as I, the queen, was shining bright from Poetry of Love and Devotion, it shows the love of repetition. The poem portrays Inanna, goddess of love. Inanna is shown as the girl wondering what she will say to her mother to explain her flirtation with her lover. The poem illustrates the boundaries between sacred and secular and at the same time the poems tell her feeling “ As I was shining bright, as I was dancing about” She feels like in the heaven when she met her lover. The poem illustrates the love between men and women and the gods are everywhere, upholding and furthering the speakers’ love affairs. 4. Define “epic”

Epic is a long narrative poem. It contains some characters and specially focuses on story of hero, heroic deeds. It’s traditional of stories such as legend tail of gods or heroes. Moreover, it’s repetition that help reader quick remember the character. Epic contains invocation to the muse and the purpose is extolling the traditional values, preserve society to emphasis certain thing. The Odyssey was a truly epic adventure, where we can see Odysseus encounter and overcome many trials. The Odyssey tells us about a hero’s return after the war. It took another 10 year to come back home because the Gods interrupt him. He would have had an easier time go home if the entire God let him go. All the Gods wish for Odysseus to get home except Poseidon. Moreover, the people in the Odyssey are living a life where the Gods are watching and controlling them. Specially, the Gods have power to...
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