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Kayla Joseph
May 5th, 2013 Is Volunteerism for Everyone Rough Draft

The author of the excerpt “Shattered” was written by Eric Walters. This story is basically about a teenage boy named Ian, who is volunteering at a soup kitchen only because he needs earn credits for his civics class, so that he gets a car from his dad. Ian is miserable at the soup kitchen but at the end of the day, he realizes the importance of volunteerism. The theme is about volunteering for good. Ian’s intentions were only to get a car and not caring about the whole point of volunteering. For example on page 6, “My civics class. We have to do volunteer work to pass.,” “So you have to be here.” “If I want to pass civics.” Ian only sees this as a “go and get over with it” job. He doesn’t know the true meaning of volunteering at all. The target audience is teenagers. The purpose may be to educate us about volunteerism, understanding the true meaning of it and its importance. Teenagers don’t usually volunteer, unless they have too. Eric Walters is trying to teach us to do good for others. The author of the picture essay “Call for Donations” was demonstrated by U4Others. This photo essay is basically about a guy who is standing outside making donations. Some people pass by and ignore him, and others stop and make a donation. The theme is about doing something you are passionate about and helping others. For example on page 11 , “How one chooses to answer that call depend on their personal experiences, their availability, their financial stability or even their passion for a cause.”The guy making donations is cheerful and happy because he has a passion for it. He’d frown at people passing, sticking their hand up and completely ignoring the sign for what the cause is. Others stopped and made a donation and his smile grew wider. The target audience is teenagers and adults. Most of us ignore signs and...
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