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17 February 2011
Advertisement has both Advantage and Disadvantage to Our Daily Life       There are more and more different kinds of advertisements in modern life. When we watch the television, we can see lots of advertisements are appearing in the show or during the break time, for example, during the Super Bowl in 2011 there were lots of advertisements, it was so many ads that ads are becoming part of the game. Because ads are in everywhere we lived, ads are already being the one part of our life. While every coin has two sides, ads are the same situation. Advertisements have good and bad influence to people. When people saw the advertisements to learn the new produce, they also have to think about whether the information to produce introduction is true or not. So, in my eyes, advertisements have both advantages and disadvantages in people’s life.       Advertisements have good influence for people. People know the product from advertisements whatever in television, magazines or Internet. So, ads really convenient for people, we don't need find the newest products to go to the mall instead of staying in home read the magazines, watch the TV or search in the Internet. So, this is the one thing that advertisements make people's life easier. In addition, charity advertisements can let people pay more attention to other needed people, for example, AIDS advertisement and Helping children advertisement. Those are really good way to teach people how to take care others. Like advertisement of helping children to go to school, they tell people if everyone donate ten or more dollars, children have chance to go to school instead of staying at home. And some words in advertisement are may become popular words in daily life. In this way, advertisements are really convenience to people's life and make our life our varied, and they will learn new produces very quickly.       On the other hand, advertisements have a worse effect on people. In Barber's view, "Where...
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