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What's so funny?
Words and phrases
Lead in
3.01 cartoon /kA:"tu:n/ (n) film made from a series of pictures ◆ Children love cartoons with talking animals in them. 3.02 camcorder /"k&mkO:d@(r)/ (n) machine that you can use to take video films 3.03 clip /klIp/ (n) short piece of film ◆ Did you see that clip on the news about our school? clip (v) 3.04 sitcom /"sItkQm/ (n) regular TV comedy programme with the same people each week in a different story ◆ ‘Friends’ was one of the most famous sitcoms ever! I watched every one. 3.05 sense of humour /%sens @v "hju:m@(r)/ (phr) ability to appreciate funny situations ◆ I could never marry somebody who doesn’t have a good sense of humour. Life would be so dull! 3.08 exhaustive /Ig"zO:stIv/ (adj) very thorough, having done everything possible ◆ The police carried out an exhaustive search of the area for the missing child. exhaust (v), exhausted (adj) 3.09 breakdown /"breIkdaUn/ (n) Here: detailed information from analysing a set of figures ◆ This report includes a breakdown of how much each improvement to the office would cost. Usually: when a vehicle stops and cannot be driven 3.10 brain scan /"breIn %sk&n/ (n) medical test that films the brain working ◆ Luckily the brain scan didn’t show any problems. 3.11 experiment /Ik"sperIm@nt/ (n) test to learn sth new ◆ An experiment on monkeys’ memory showed that some were better than humans! experiment (on) (v), experimental (adj) 3.12 set up /%set "Vp/ (phr v) organise, start ◆ A group of film stars set up a charity to help young people in this area. 3.13 establish /I"st&blIS/ (v) Here: show ◆ The report established that most people were happy with the new shopping mall. Usually: start ◆ The business was established in 2007. establishment (n) 3.14 play on words /%pleI Qn "w3:dz/ (phr) making a joke by using a word that has two meanings ◆ 3.15 taste for /"teIst f@(r)/ (n) preference, liking ◆ My gran has a taste for romantic films. She likes a


good cry! taste (v), tasteful...

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